A progressive and energetic workplace

Building on our learning from a previous refurbishment for Causeway, the design focus was to create an office that enabled them to think and work in a completely new way.

Key features

  • Open brainstorming tables
  • Artwork and graphics
  • Flexible furnishings
  • Open plan and modernised

Causeway's management team was keen to provide a wide variety of work settings in this world of hybrid working. They wanted the in-office experience to enrich working lives and set their sights on creating a space to attract and retain high calibre candidates.

Having refurbished Causeway's office in Middlesbrough, our design and build team were able to take the client's brief further, exploring new ideas for this company in their new space.

Multiple functions across three zones

This corporate HQ is a million miles away from a traditional reception-fronted office. From the moment you walk through Causeway’s door, a story unfolds.

The social experience is the first zone encountered by both visitors and employees alike. It has a fresh colour palette and artwork to spark the feelings of a new day. The main focus of the space is a bright coffee bar, fronted by stools which naturally draw people together. Textures, patterns and tiles reflect a growing maturity in the brand and have been inspired by the local culture. It’s a relaxing space for small groups, but also perfect for larger social events.

The second zone is a multi-functional space for focused individual or team collaboration. It has various sized meeting rooms, open tables for brainstorming and smaller focus rooms for taking calls away from the chatter. Retro-style graphics and artworks feature inspirational figures, past and present.

The third zone provides hot desks and lockers allowing people to find a comfortable place to work independently.

Onwards and upwards

The space on the third floor had been previously been divided into four areas so we demolished these dividing walls and replaced all the legacy mechanics to make it more of an open, comfortable and energy-efficient space. We overcame the low floor to ceiling height throughout the space by exposing services and spraying them white for an open and modern industrial feel.

Ten weeks onsite was enough time to transform a fragmented area into a multi-functional, flexible workspace that buzzes with positive energy.

As with all successful partnerships, we are now looking to the future with Causeway and our next inspirational office collaboration.

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