A workspace ahead of the curve

Agile working meets functional, flexible workspace in our modern office design and fit out for Causeway Technologies in Middlesbrough’s most sought-after building.

Key features

  • Sociable office that offers collaborative zones
  • 'Neighbourhood' office style
  • Central office spine
  • Town hall for brainstorms
  • Writable walls

Our modern office design and fit out for Causeway Technologies on the topmost floor of Middlesbrough's trendiest address is changing perceptions of the town’s workplaces. With generous ceiling heights, floor-to-ceiling windows and a wrap-around terrace, this building is the epitome of cool in a largely traditional office market.

Sense and sociability

Open plan, communal workspaces are the norm for tech companies and Causeway Technologies has fully embraced this agile way of working. Its software products and market-leading innovations for the construction sector have unlocked digital benefits for the entire building supply chain.

So, it makes perfect sense that the success of our design and fit out project hinges on its secondary spaces. With this in mind our brief was to provide a social office, one which facilitates group working, collaboration and idea-sharing

Agile 'spine'

Causeway Technologies recognises that its young and energetic workforce prefers a style of work which is communal and creative. The team is split into four neighbourhoods, each with access to one central ‘spine’ of alternative work settings that runs the length of the floorplate.

You’ll notice that the focal point here is the town hall, furnished with only custom-designed bleachers. We intentionally kept the furniture minimal, functional and flexible to encourage movement and even standing whilst brainstorming in creative meetups. Other communal working spaces include informal pods, focus rooms and brainstorm areas complete with writable walls and task seating.

Variety, flexibility and fun

We also designed and built two larger-than-usual touchdown spaces, each of which can easily host up to ten people. Built with partitions, acoustic hanging screens and glazing, these informal working hubs are finished with AV, data and power - perfect for group working. We also installed smart screens which swivel from landscape to portrait with ease to accommodate different presentation types and personal preference.

In other corners of the office, we provided an employee wellness room, two formal meeting rooms, a boardroom and a bookable ‘hot office’ with an integrated private four-person meeting space.

Ahead of the curve

Our design concept ensures Causeway Technologies' new workspace is a hub innovation, keeping the team ahead of the curve. It is the very definition of collaborative, designed to get the creative cogs of this techy team moving. We combined a forward-thinking agile ‘spine’ with a variety of furniture to help Causeway Technologies keep its competitive edge.

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