Less means more for this impactful, classic office design and fit out


9,182 sq ft

Timeless fit out

Growing up, moving out

Due to growth, the renewable energy firm Cubico decided to embark on an exciting office relocation and refurbishment project. Their hope was to create a timeless office with a classic design: neutral, welcoming and full of light.

Muted palette of modern colours in meeting room
Herringbone floors in modern office corridor
Intimate workspaces in pods

Open sight lines and modern meeting rooms create versatile spaces for office communities

Light, sustainable and subtle design

The selection of the office itself was the first important step. Cubico wanted somewhere with plenty of glazing and sweeping views. The firm settled on half of an 11th floor workspace in St Mary Axe, boasting an enviable vantage point that provides a sense of identity and belonging. Our design enhances the setting and our fit out frames the view of London’s iconic landmarks.

Without being too bold or shouty, our neutral aesthetic simply nods to Cubico’s brand with a muted colour palette of oranges and blues. Simple accents used alongside natural flooring, ceiling and wall finishes. This means that Cubico can comfortably adapt within the space as it inevitably evolves, without having to overhaul the entire office.

Modern bright desk bank

Making the most of natural light for every user

Office fit out for food - and fun

We created a functional workspace which blends a traditional office with a more flexible and agile style of working. A big, communal cafe and breakout space is a major drawcard; it brings employees together and breaks down hierarchical silos. The best part? This communal space is welcoming and bright, even on the cloudiest days. We designed and built a great food prep area, pantry and eating space, supporting Cubico’s intention to encourage family-style meals and gatherings to ease the stress of the fast-paced industry. We even created a little playful library with board games, puzzles and books in an unused and awkward corner.

Stylish communal area for eating

Delicious design to enhance gatherings and encourage togetherness

Spaces to suit every style

On the other hand, individual workstations still prioritise ownership; these are arranged in clusters so teams can sit together to facilitate collaboration. Employees can move away from this open plan environment as they wish and use any number of secondary work settings, including sit-stand desks, booths and quiet rooms. For group working, our design encourages staff to move to the meeting suite or central breakout space at either end of the office.

Small glazed modern meeting room

Visible group huddles create energy and deliver focus

Design reinforcing culture

We incorporated all the amenities you’d expect of a sophisticated meeting suite: writable surfaces, integrated technology for plug-and-play work and videoconferencing with excellent acoustics and ergonomic seating.

The meeting suite can be directly accessed from the executives’ area, which is slightly more private than other neighbourhoods in the office. That being said, the executive team still maintains an open door policy with additional seating for drop-in catch ups. This is a great example of how design can reinforce organisational culture and behaviours.

Comfort and function in muted colours

Front-of-house amenities

The reception and a small waiting area flank the other side of the meeting suite and is conveniently positioned for clients and visitors. Sweeping, curved partitions maximise the narrow space between the reception desk and corridor, giving a more spacious welcome. In the reception area, we also designed in hidden storage, shelves and services for front-of-house staff to minimise clutter. Throughout, there is delicate balance in our design between maintaining privacy, sightlines and a pleasing design aesthetic.

Open sweeping curves in stylish reception

Design that balances welcoming, open sight lines and modern aesthetics

Look and feel

It's the finer details of Cubico’s office design that make it timeless. Exposed ceilings in selected areas add height, interest and an architectural aspect. Overheads, rafts and suspended lighting draw you through the space with uninterrupted sightlines leading towards the spectacular views. Additional shapes and textures, like the herringbone carpeting, timber-effect flooring and unusual 3D ceramic wall tiles, all come together to create a dynamic space with movement, angles and character.

Textured wall with fixed tables for sociable moments

A dynamic office space with movement, angles, texture and character

Not your average office fit out

Timeless and classic: two adjectives not commonly attributed with prime commercial fit outs in central London but where change and churn dominate. Once again we’re proud to debunk office stereotypes, especially for a future-focused client like Cubico. This office is a classic beauty.

A variety of places to work in a modern office

Opening up sight lines means wellbeing is enhanced with natural light and biophilia

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