Optimal environment for maximum wellness

Our three year partnership with London-based financier Generation Investment Management has led to an exceptionally sustainable office design and fit out that’s making waves with not just one environmental accreditation, but two.


21,326 sq ft

Sustainable office design

Clustered work environment

Generation told us that being flexible to facilitate future growth is important, all while ensuring employee wellbeing. So, we optimised the space by rethinking the office’s flow to incorporate a variety of work settings from collaborative to quiet.

The office’s unusual layout clusters formal and informal zones into three segments, dictated by the triangular floorplate. The first segment is where employees go to focus, the second is collaborative and the third is an open plan scenario with sit stand desks.

Generation meeting pod fit out
Generation bar in office design
Generation office locker fit out

Employee wellbeing and sustainability

Generation’s brief centred on employee wellbeing and environmental sustainability. Since the project’s completion, the office is now SKA Gold rated and is awaiting confirmation of its WELL Building Platinum accreditation.

SKA rating is the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ assessment method which demonstrates the environmental credentials of a building. We achieved an impressive 59 SKA measures across energy, materials, waste, pollution and wellbeing. All light fittings, furniture and timber used within the fit out are SKA compliant, with non-harmful product performance and environmental credentials guaranteed. We had real-time VOC monitoring live onsite throughout the entire refurbishment and specified low-VOC fixtures, finishes and materials, where possible, from partitions to paint. Additionally 99% of waste was diverted from landfill.

WELL measures occupant wellness by focusing on seven concepts — air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. As expected, the crossover between the two standards meant some efficiencies could be made. One example would be the mechanical and electrical system responsible for thermal comfort and ventilation, which got extra special treatment because of the floorplate’s triangle shape. Using specialist software, the team was able to build a digital model to show potential hotspots and stuffy areas. The fit out was tweaked using this information to ensure optimal airflow, heating and cooling.

Generation collaboration space

Other measures taken to achieve the WELL accreditation included improvements for better water, air, acoustics and lighting. We installed enhanced filtration systems in the air handling units and pipework to meet the high standards for air and water quality. We used specialist acoustic solutions to combat noisy areas, which were incorporated alongside a state-of-the-art sound masking system that keeps white noise levels at the optimum for concentration.

Lighting was designed around what we consider a daylight model, maximising natural light in the space. Not only did we design all workstations and meeting rooms near windows, we also installed a WELL-compliant circadian lighting system which adapts light levels throughout the day.

Generation gold SKA rating plaque

Culture of wellbeing

Environmental standards aside, Generation’s culture of wellbeing is evident in the facilities designed and built with employees in mind. Generation has provided not only an activity based working environment but also two libraries, one of which is a tech-free zone, a wellness room with a bed for power naps and large, fun breakout space. And last, but not least, we reserved the office’s most premium area for employees only: a big outdoor terrace with views over Piccadilly.

Generation IM office bar
Generation IM breakout space

Clients welcome

Generation’s previous office design and fit out combined employee and client areas, which often led to unnecessary disruption and unwanted noise. Now the new space treats these two areas separately, although with a cohesive design for continuity.

Clients arrive into a light-filled reception area with an adjacent coffee bar and business lounge. We’ve provided a suite of meeting rooms of varying sizes, all with high-quality furniture, acoustic finishes and high-tech video conferencing systems. We also designed and built a large boardroom, which can be easily reconfigured into two spaces for events, entertaining or additional breakout areas.

Generation light filled reception design and fit out
Generation IM office coffee bar
Generation high tech meeting room

Youthful design details

We loved Generation’s willingness to incorporate some playful and trendy design detailing. We created mini jungles in the office with lots of planting and bespoke woodwork from reclaimed timber. The craftsmanship you see in the printing area is fabricated from salvaged wood, some of which was collected from around London after storms and recycled using clever carpentry techniques, whilst the rest was reclaimed from previous fit out projects.

Generation IM desks and biophilic office design
Generation IM textured wall and light
Generation IM office booths

Continuing the natural feeling of the office, we also used organic shapes in many areas of the design to reflect the outdoors and create a sense of wellbeing. We used slatted panels as a feature on walls and overhead in the exposed ceilings, a stunning plaited newspaper wall covering in the booths, and incorporated a soft natural palette of blues and greens throughout.

High standards

There’s so much to explore when you visit Generation’s workplace it’s hard to know where to begin. One thing that’s certain is that this sustainable, healthy workplace sets the bar high.

Generation IM office pods
Generation IM meeting booths

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