Stylish art deco design for a flexible workspace

Prime Oxford Street open plan office gets retro makeover with sustainably-sourced preloved furniture, lush indoor plants and loads of natural light.

Key features

  • Art deco inspired
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Flexibility
  • Open plan office space
  • Glazed frame meeting rooms
  • Recycled acoustic panelling
  • Natural light
  • Exposed services

From the moment they unpacked their boxes, Synthesia felt right at home in their new, thoughtfully designed office space built in partnership with landlord, GPE. A modern open plan layout featuring agile work settings and beautiful natural light, mixed with stylish design touches and unique furniture - this project on the second floor is in keeping with the 80s-built Kent House.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

A marble kitchen island from GPE's old office has started a new phase in its lifecycle as a marble-topped table in one of the meeting rooms. We removed the base and added legs to create a unique furniture piece that’s a real talking point.

In the same room, you’ll find acoustic panels on the walls made from recycled bottles etched with the sweeping curves pattern associated with the art deco era and a stunning preloved credenza. Portable charging discs complete the smart tech on offer - a fantastic way to provide charging without having to cut into the marble table.

Over in the teapoint, lit by custom hanging light planters, we’ve used 3D ceramic tiles that are made from 70% recycled materials. Whilst in other communal areas, innovative carpet tiles with their own non-damaging adhesive are a real win for making sure when the time does come to remove them, they won't leave a mark.

Let there be light

Greater light means greater concentration, productivity and positivity. We exposed the ceilings in spaces where people gather the most, including the communal breakout and working areas, to brighten the 3,500 sq ft office and make the most of its natural light. Our design also positioned all working areas near the full-height windows.

Around the core, where the infrastructure for services is necessary, we mapped out a suite of meeting rooms in varying sizes with ceilings that hide cables and ductwork. The open plan areas feature light and airy work settings, whilst meeting rooms were kept intentionally cosy and private with atmospheric brass downlights, custom dado rails and soft domestic design touches.

Keeping it in the family

GPE wanted a design that could be used on all the floors in the building. Something easily adaptable for incoming tenants, but still stylish and full of character without being generic. We chose timeless and hard-wearing fixtures and fittings which reflect the professional feel and inviting culture of the building.

Each office, including the space we designed and built for Synthesia, has standard steel-framed glazing screens and cube storage ‘systems’ for dividing its footprint into different zones that can be moved, upscaled or downsized as needed which is also cost-effective and convenient for both landlord and tenant.

Have a seat

Walk through this office and you’ll find spaces to have meetings, concentrate, relax, focus and collaborate. You’ll find one-of-a-kind preloved chairs in an art deco theme that were sourced specifically to add a touch of glamour and bespoke style. Each preloved furniture piece features a unique note telling its story, of which this refurbishment is the next chapter.

An office experience

This office looks and feels worthy of the GPE's portfolio and, most importantly, its tenants. You feel an immediate sense of place and purpose on arrival. Clear sight lines across the workspace encourage connection and engagement, supported by soft homely nuances and focus on biophilia. Its art deco aesthetic combines seamlessly with an inviting layout and design choices to give visitors an office experience they won't forget.

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