IRI’s new agile office

As a forward-thinking technology and analytics company that helps to fuel the growth of organisations in multiple sectors, our job was to create an agile working environment to match the IRI brand and stimulate the creativity of its people. With close consultation at every step, no stone has been left unturned.

Key features

  • Brand colours across the design
  • Workplace variety
  • Coffee shop breakout space
  • Small open casual rooms
  • Large training and conference rooms
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Natural light

Project description

In the new world of hybrid working, workspaces are being reimagined to provide employees with a new and more compelling experience – a home from home where they can thrive professionally and mix socially with their colleagues.

IRI’s main objective was clear. Based on extensive feedback from its employees, the company wanted a forward-thinking design approach to create an agile, yet functional working space fit for the modern era of working. Meanwhile, the design had to reinforce its position as a tech-centric business and ensure the office serves as a true extension of the IRI brand.

Creating a collaborative environment

To appeal to employees as a home away from home, we had to create a wow factor. This meant designing spaces that inspire collaboration, boost wellness and offer multiple ways of working that support a hybrid workforce.

Enter the huddle room. Designed to act as an informal meeting and collaboration area, a tremendous amount of care and attention to detail went into making it both homely and functional, right down to the choice of ornaments and books on display. Meanwhile, some areas are more closed off for more formal work with fixed desks, while other spaces are open plan and populated by high tables and chairs for a more relaxed environment that is conducive to team-based assignments.

On top of this, a large training and conference room is part of the design to enable larger gatherings and events. It is an ideal space for large groups, complete with a massive screen and cutting-edge audio as well as video conferencing software.

Reflecting the brand with meticulous attention to detail

Incorporating the IRI brand was critical to the success of this project and has been achieved in many subtle ways. This includes the use of lighting angles, ceiling details which take inspiration from the logo shapes, and various wall graphics which all carry specific meanings.

Every element has been carefully planned in collaboration with the client, the process for this being entirely virtual due to the pandemic protocols that were in place. We spent many hours on video calls during every phase, fine tuning each detail – from huddle room items and ceiling details to bespoke lighting and selection of materials.

Making a workplace destination

IRI wanted more than simply a modern place to work and collaborate. To boost its offering to employees, the company needed a destination, something which the addition of a coffee shop-style breakout area delivers.

This area has been fitted with café style seating, smaller open casual rooms, a pool table and high benches, with the main coffee bar carrying a modern, sleek design in keeping with the rest of the workplace, which is flanked by large windows to welcome in natural light.

Based on the feedback received, IRI now has a workplace which its employees view as a destination. Responses have been extremely positive – the new workspace has boosted morale and generally created a 'wow' factor which encourages forward thinking that is incredibly important to the company’s brand and culture. It has dramatically enhanced relationships between teams and sub-teams, some of which had never met before due to the pandemic.

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