Paddington's premier software sanctuary

ISN sought a fit out that harmonised with their growth trajectory and embodied their vision and culture. Blending elements from ISN's American offices whilst adding a distinct London flair, together with Cushman & Wakefield Design and Build, we created a space that reflects their global identity.

Project partners

  • Cushman & Wakefield Design and Build UK

Key features

  • Timber detailing
  • Brand elements
  • Light and airy
  • Acoustic enhancements

Project description

ISN's new Paddington home maximises natural daylight, with the design taking advantage of the prominent sixth floor position. Meeting room walls and doors are glazed and allow light to cascade into the office space. The open plan layout further enhances the flow of daylight, while a soft colour palette in pastel and light tones complements the overall brightness.

To maintain a sense of openness, a hatched timber divider replaced a solid wall between reception and the office, ensuring the seamless flow of natural light. Each desk is positioned parallel to the floor-to-ceiling windows, ensuring that every workstation is flooded with daylight.

Best for brand

Tonal colour schemes embraced ISN's branding, specifically with pops of ISN orange igniting client spaces and meeting rooms. Hexagon acoustics, customised to integrate the ISN logo, leave no doubt as to who is in the space without being overpowering. Custom acoustic elements were developed and installed to mitigate against the previous challenges employees faced on-site and during virtual meetings.

Wellness retreat

The inclusion of a dedicated wellness room gives ISN's employees a comfortable and private space to relax and enjoy the natural sunlight, away from both the high energy breakout space and the busy workspace.
The use of homely furnishings like a sofa, low coffee tables and fluffy rug create a home away from home feel. Combine this with a dark blue colour scheme and a serene view over central London, the wellness room is an office favourite.

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