Office space that hits all the right notes

Office space that sings with character and infuses the soul of the brand into every corner - Kobalt Music Group's new office space steals the show.

Key features

  • Music theme carried throughout
  • Brand colour palette
  • Recording studios
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Soft dividers
  • Exposed ceilings
  • Natural light sources

Kobalt Music Group had a specific vision – to move into a new office space without the traditional corporate feel. Morgan Lovell bought this vision to life by embracing Kobalt's branding and repurposing a significant amount of furniture from their old office to ensure the move didn't feel like a restart but an evolution. The decision to reuse furniture also reflects the client's commitment to sustainability. This combination infuses personality into the space and creates a homely feel while maintaining a tasteful, subtle level of branding.

Exposing the architecture, embracing the talent

Morgan Lovell embraced the architectural features of the building, exposing the ceilings and harnessing the natural light to make the most of the view over the Thames. The design introduced various textures and artwork throughout the office and seamlessly integrated brand colours into the décor. A personal touch included album and artist posters assigned to the client creating a cohesive yet distinctive identity. Our innovative use of furniture placement, mesh shelving and plant life added depth, character and energy to the workspace.

Please don't stop the music

One of the core challenges was the central location of the lifts, which divided the office into two halves. To maintain unity, we strategically designed the reception area to bridge this divide, creating a connection between both sides. The central theme of music, inspired by the client's creative industry, was thoughtfully incorporated throughout the office, adding a unique and engaging dimension to the workspace. The result is a workspace that not only meets the client's specific brief but also fosters a sense of unity and creativity, aligning perfectly with the client's brand and vision.

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