Creating an urban tech playground

Metapack is a leading delivery management software provider, and we undertook an in-situ refurbishment across two floors to create an urban-inspired environment for their 180 staff.

Key features

  • Exposed concrete ceilings
  • Natural timber finishes
  • Training room with bleacher seating
  • Angular lines
  • Workplace variety

We partnered with Nutmeg Studios to create an office design that provides a true destination workplace for Metapack’s staff. The brief was to create a fluid space that broke the grid of the building, providing a balanced working environment which allows the company identity to shine through.

Technology and industrial design often go hand in hand, so we embraced this theme throughout the office design. As you move around the space, the exposed concrete ceiling, black metal framework and natural wood finishes set the scene for this cool and fast-paced tech workplace.

The design provides the key areas you would expect from a tech company. From a large kitchen that brings staff together during the day, to an adaptable training room with bleacher seating and flexible furniture. The office space is designed to support their teams through offering an activity-based working environment.

Strikingly different

Finishes like the binary code manifestation, striking angular lines, along with the stark black and recycled timber theme, give the space a distinctly unique feel.

They help reinforce the unique identity we sought to create, that reflects the business's personality.

Pockets of space

The brief was centred creating a destination workspace that broke the lines of the building. The floorplate presented us with the opportunity to create an office design that gave people a variety of work settings, along with unexpected nooks for group or private working. We truly embraced ‘break the lines of the building’ and featured stylish offset angular lines throughout the design.

From the moment you step into the space, you’re met with angular lines behind the reception desk. This theme is continued throughout the fit out, providing a stylish touch as we blended different flooring and wall styles together. Even the meeting room manifestation features a geometric pattern, while the suspended ceiling in the breakout space is offset from the concrete waffle ceiling.

To maximise the budget on this project, we re-used the existing furniture and glazing by adapting it to suit the new office. This meant creating new environments from existing furniture, giving staff a new work setting.

As you move through the floor, you discover nooks and spaces with soft seating, booths or meeting rooms. All these areas have been given unique names to help with wayfinding as you weave through the space. We wanted to help encourage staff to embrace flexibility and movement in their working day to support more collaborative working.

Multi-phase office fit out

This project was an in-situ refurbishment and delivered in multiple phases to ensure that Metapack employees could continue working throughout the refurbishment. This was managed in collaboration with the client, which enabled us to deliver three seamless partial handovers over two floors during the project.

Communication was key to getting this right and we worked closely with their team to co-ordinate the movement of staff, to ensure that they were able to keep working during the fit out and that disturbances were kept to a minimum. Certain works were undertaken out-of-hours to ensure we stayed on programme without impacting their staff.

Delivered as designed

Working with Metapack on their new office fit out was another great example of a collaborative journey that was delivered as promised. The final design is exactly as per the agreed concept visuals and the project was delivered within budget.

Despite some of the complexities our delivery team had to work around in regard to the client being in occupation, as well as working in a property that has live recording throughout the day, we never strayed from the vision which was agreed at the beginning of the project.

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