At Morgan Lovell, our goal is to create a health and safety culture where people feel safe, act safe and get home safe.

On-site safety

We are dedicated to building a positive health, safety and wellbeing environment and promoting an incident and injury-free mindset. Morgan Lovell has been awarded the RoSPA Order of Distinction. The award has been presented as a result of achieving 18 consecutive Gold Awards.

Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of everyone who comes into contact with our work, both on and off site. Our teams consistently explore innovative ways to enhance occupational health and diminish the likelihood of accidents, through initiatives like raising safety awareness, encouraging safe behaviours, and implementing safe site set-ups.

We have our own network of in-house health and safety professionals across the UK ensuring our rigorous site standards are upheld on all projects. Your project is allocated a dedicated health and safety manager who work closely with project managers, sub-contractors and other stakeholders to identify and manage potential hazards and risks.

Maintaining Health

We put great effort into providing support for our workforce and have established various programs to achieve this goal. For instance, we offer a digital GP service, mental health first aiders and wellbeing bulletins to ensure our employees feel cared for. Additionally, we have an employee assistance program that offers legal and counselling advice to all staff and has now been extended to over 6,000 subcontractors.

Do the job right first time, with no risk to people, equipment or the environment.

Stringent standards

Morgan Lovell is proud to say that we had a total of 25 lost time incidents throughout the entirety of 2022 and results in a lost time incident rate of just 0.21. The lost time incident rate is the Number of lost time incidents x 100,000 divided by the number of hours worked. Lost time incidents are those resulting in absence from work for a minimum of one working day, excluding the day the incident occurred.

In 2022, we reported a total of six RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) incidents, which equates to an accident frequency rate of 0.05.

Training and development

In 2022, Morgan Lovell's employees completed an average of 13 hours of health and safety training per person with the total number of health and safety training hour accumulating to 2,017. From 2021 to 2022, we saw a 7% increase in total health and safety training numbers, including 14 employees trained as mental health first aiders.

Nurturing wellbeing

Health and safety has evolved beyond the original core and we recognise that construction has some of the worst rates of suicide of any industry. Morgan Lovell have taken unwavering measures to nurture the physical and mental wellbeing of our team. We offer a range of benefits such as a digital GP service, employee assistance program, financial education and private medical insurance.

Throughout 2022, our divisions extended support to ease the cost of living, featuring one-off payments for employees in need and advancing annual pay and bonus disbursements. Morgan Lovell also partake annually in Mental Health Awareness week where we have introduced social value initiatives, mental health workshops on-site and specific mental health training.