Sophisticated atrium transformation in Hatfield office park

Atrium revitalisation for Trident Place that makes the most of the unique architectural features and natural light.

“It was a seamless and enjoyable journey with Morgan Lovell. It’s also the first time I have ever had the client say that he loved the first design and didn’t want to make any changes. You clearly captured the brief perfectly."

Oliver Lewis, Project Manager, CBRE

Project partners

  • CBRE

Key features

  • Natural light
  • New branding elements
  • Reception, café and business lounge
  • Collaboration zones
  • Sustainability
  • Bespoke joinery

The landlord of Trident Place approached us with a clear objective: to revitalise the outdated atrium space, previously dominated by an underutilised restaurant, into a vibrant hub that includes a reception, café and lounge style seating area. The client sought a high end aesthetic with a 'wow' factor. A key aim for the project was to modernise and maximise the usage of the area to create a communal space for all occupants.

Light and airy atrium space

We proposed a design that utilised the building's unique architectural features. We embraced the natural light that streams through the two storey high glazing and used it to create an airy but welcoming ambiance throughout. Key design features included bespoke joinery in the business lounge that adds a touch of sophistication. We have also included statement 'Trident Place' signage in the reception clearly visible upon entry.

Sustainability was also prioritised in our design with the office area achieving an impressive EPC A rating. Clever solutions, such as sealing over existing tiles instead of removing them, showcased our commitment to reducing waste and minimising disruption in an occupied building.

Office space meets business lounge

The new reception, café and business lounge now exudes a premium feel, thanks to carefully selected colour palettes, textures and finishes. The transformation not only modernises the atrium but also enhances its functionality, with clear zoning throughout the floorplate. Delivered on time and within budget, the client has been left with a rejuvenated space that significantly improves their business operations and encourages collaboration between their existing tenants.

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