Our supply chain is vital to ensuring that we receive the necessary materials for our projects and maintain the highest levels of workmanship.

Policies, standards, collaboration

At the heart of our operational framework lies a series of steadfast policies that underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence. Morgan Lovell recognise and reward top performing supply chain partners by offering them the chance to operate as part of a preferred supply chain. The preferred status is reviewed bi-annually and is maintained through continued high performance. We operate a "no retention" policy that stands as a testament to our dedication to upholding the highest standards.

We recognise the value of open dialogue and actively encourage our supply chain partners to share feedback - both constructive and affirmative to ensure we foster a culture of continuous improvement. Morgan Lovell endeavours to achieve a sense of familiarity in what we deliver as we want our supply chain to feel they are working with us and not for us.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct provides a framework for Morgan Sindall Group companies and our suppliers to foster a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust, respect and shared values. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is, therefore, aligned with our Group Code of Conduct which sets out the obligations and responsibilities of Morgan Lovell employees to uphold our Core Values and to uphold the law.

Our suppliers help us exceed the expectations of our stakeholders. Morgan Lovell are committed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our work and we expect our suppliers to maintain the same ethical standards in their business dealings with, or on behalf of, the entire Morgan Sindall Group.

For more information, read the full Supplier Code of Conduct here.

Top down responsibility

Prompt payment practice

Morgan Lovell are proud signatories of the Prompt Payment Code and are dedicated to upholding ethical and transparent payment practices that not only benefit our organisation but also contribute to a thriving business ecosystem built on mutual respect and fairness.

Our commitment to prompt payment practices is evident through our track record:

- Average time taken to pay invoices: 26 days
- Invoices paid within 60 days: 95%
- Invoices paid within agreed terms: 94%

For more information on payment practices reporting and to access performance reports for Morgan Lovell, please click here.

Supply chain due diligence

At Morgan Lovell, we ensure the integrity of our supply chain through rigorous due diligence. We analyse the formation and operations of each business in our supply network, ensuring their values align with our commitment to an ethical supply chain.

We feel strongly about upholding modern slavery and gender pay gap regulations, as well as fostering diversity and inclusion throughout the supply chain to ensure an environment of fairness and equality is created. Striving for cohesion, Morgan Lovell work with suppliers to develop operating practices that align with internal policies, reinforcing our unwavering dedication to responsible business practices.

Small or medium enterprises

Morgan Lovell are passionate about the inclusion of SME companies within the supply chain - our preferred supply chain is made up of approximately 98% SMEs. Where feasible, we prioritise establishing a local supply chain but recognise the different scales of locality due to the variation of project locations. The local knowledge and expertise that our sub-contractors possess is essential to the success of our projects.

Establishing support networks

As part of the Morgan Sindall Group, we are one of the founding members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, which offers free training on a range of topics including energy management, waste reduction, modern slavery, biodiversity, mental health and wellbeing. Our Supply Chain Family, established two decades ago, now comprises over 400 members.

Our Morgan Sindall Group Supply Chain Family and our ongoing partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School allow us to actively engage with our supply chain. Through regular in-person events, we gain insights into their needs, communicate opportunities and stay informed about their latest innovations.

In 2022, we participated in the Supply Chain Sustainability School's diversity benchmarking survey, aiming to grasp the diversity and inclusion status within our supply chain. Morgan Lovell will share the results with our suppliers, utilising the School's Fairness, Inclusion and Respect program to identify needs and implement initiatives for the growth of the construction industry.

Social value network

Encouraging a holistic approach to business, Morgan Lovell proactively promote social value practices throughout our supply chain. Through partnerships and collaborations, we foster initiatives that prioritise community wellbeing, environmental sustainability and inclusivity. By encouraging these practices, we aim to create a positive ripple effect that extends beyond the confines of a project, shaping a more responsible and impactful business ecosystem.

Environmentally conscious sourcing

Morgan Lovell is committed to upholding sustainability throughout our operations, including our supply chain. Morgan Lovell take proactive responsibility in ensuring that the materials we source, such as timber, adhere to the highest standards of sustainability. By selecting suppliers who share our eco-conscious ethos and prioritise responsible material sourcing, we contribute to the preservation of our natural resources and the reduction of our environmental footprint. This is reflected by our scope 1 emissions accounting for just 0.25% of our carbon output in 2022.