Check their credentials

Is your contractor serious about the environment, quality, and health & safety? If they really are, then they would have picked up certain credentials along the way. While not an exhaustive list, our checklist takes you through some of the major and respected building credentials. Make sure you make an informed decision, based on reputable benchmarks.

  • Environment

    • ISO 14001 Certified (evidence provided)
    • Company Environmental policy (evidence provided)
    • Company environmental management system (evidence provided)
    • Environmental management team in-house (not subcontracted)
    • BREEAM® licensed assessors in-house
    • LEED® accredited professionals in-house
    • FTSE4Good constituent company
  • Quality management

    • ISO 9001:2000 Certified (evidence provided)
    • Company Quality Management policy (evidence provided)
    • Perfect Delivery™ or other client satisfaction scheme
    • Client satisfaction interview process
  • Health & safety

    • Member of Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
    • Health & Safety team in-house (evidence provided)
    • Health & Safety policy (evidence provided)
    • Insurance policies (evidence provided)
    • Construction Skills Certification Scheme (evidence provided)
    • CDM (Construction Design & Management) policy statement (evidence provided)
    • Safety incident record (provided)
  • Their team

    • Team members' credentials
    • Project histories for all team members
    • Evaluations of the designer's previous work
    • Project manager in permanent employment (not subcontracted)
    • Accessible management team
    • Biographies of management team provided
  1. BREEAM® (BRE's Environmental Assessment Method) and LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design's 'green building' rating system) are the two most recognised and authoritative systems for rating how 'green' or 'eco-friendly' a building is.

  2. The FTSE4Good Index Series is the benchmark for listed companies that are committed to ethical business and socially responsible investment.