Make room for storage

Consider how your storage needs are being met in your current office, and work from there.

Do you have too little, too much or is it just about right?

  • What do you need to store on site?

    • Filing, both in general and for paper-heavy departments such as Accounts
    • Documents and marketing collateral
    • Stationery and office supplies
    • Sensitive or valuable items needing to be kept under lock and key
  • What can be stored off site?

    • Depending on your industry, there's probably a lot you need to store or keep a record of that doesn't need a home in your office
  • What other 'receptacles' or storage areas are required?

    • Personal storage - under desks or in lockers
    • Recycling bins - how many, and where?
    • Clothing - not just for coats.If people need to get changed at work, think about where they can do that and where they can leave their clothes. Part of The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that, if people change out of wet clothes in your office, you're responsible for providing somewhere dry to keep them)
    • What are you going to need in the future?

Fit in the right office furniture

In the workplace, it should never be style over substance. But fortunately, with a bit of research, you can have both.

What can you reuse, what can you recycle, and what do you need to buy new?

  • Do you need to buy new furniture?

    Depending on your needs, you could rent instead

  • Are you getting good value for money?

    Is a warranty included? What about delivery and installation?

  • Will it be practical and more importantly comfortable for your staff?

    If you can, get some samples from suppliers so everybody can try out and feedback on the options

  • Is it sustainable?

    What is it made from? Can it be recycled at its end-of-life?

  • What does it say about your company?

    Traditional or funky, what impression is it giving to visitors?

If you're buying new, ensure your fit out partner has sufficient clout with furniture suppliers so that everything turns up on time.

Fit out tip

Rate your tech

It's the perfect time to upgrade your IT and telephony systems. Make sure the infrastructure is there to support them.

  • General

    • Are there enough power points, floor boxes and data points? Is cabling already in situ?
    • Who's going to manage the move of your IT and telephony, and make sure it all works?
  • IT

    • Where will you put your printers and faxes? Can you reduce the number of peripherals in use?
    • Is there a comms room? Where will your servers (which generate a lot of heat and noise) be kept?
    • Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan for your IT systems? Do you need a backup generator?
    • Is service and support provided in-house? If external, how will they get remote access to your systems?
    • Have you thought about going wireless?
  • Telephony

    • Are you with the best (and best value) telephony supplier? Once you've found the best deal, put in your order for the connection to your new office as soon as possible
    • How is your setup working for you now? Look at what you have, how it's working for you and how it's not working - now's the time for changes
    • What do you need? To keep your number, to add more lines, to add hunt groups (to ensure no call goes unanswered), to have call answering? Talk to your provider
    • Are you changing your number? Make sure you let people know

Do you need all that technology? You can save energy and hence money by reducing the number of peripherals in your office. Review what you've got, and what you actually need.

Fit out tip