• Choose your project champion

    You'll want to make sure that you get buy-in from the top of your organisation, so it's best to partner with a project champion or sponsor from a key department. Usually an influencer or executive from finance, facilities or HR would have a vested interest in any wellbeing initiatives.

  • Your project team

    Wellbeing is something that spans your entire organisation, so in order to successfully implement a new cross-divisional initiative, you'll need to involve everyone from your managing director, to human resources, marketing, finance, facilities and IT.

  • Communicating the changes

    Marketing or communications will be important stakeholders to communicate the changes to the wider business. Culture changes can be a big shift for some of your staff and will require a well thought-out strategy to roll out and re-enforce the changes over time. You'll need to think about the best way to communicate with the business, is it weekly emails, newsletters, posters or team meetings?

Top tip: make sure that your teams know what's going on early in the process.

They'll be more open to an initiative that they've been involved in, and it also helps makes any change management easier.