Make your meetings amazing with this innovative meeting room technology.

Imagine this. You walk into a room and the screen lights up with your name at the door. As you step inside, it’s already your perfect temperature. You open your laptop and the screen is mirrored on the wall-mounted high-resolution display. Your colleagues arrive on-time and get straight down to working together on next year’s strategy.

If only meetings were this harmonious!

With a majority of UK workers saying that meetings are a waste of time, we look at some ways you can make meetings a joy for all by implementing some basic, dare we say essential – meeting room technology.

Digital booking system

Start with the basics and get started on-time by making sure your space is booked. An essential bit of tech in new offices that we design is an integrated booking system, such as evoko or Joan. This provides meeting rooms with a screen that shows all your vital meeting stats; from the meeting’s duration, to follow-up bookings and the organiser’s contact details. You’ll know if you can pop into the space if it’s been left unclaimed after the booking has started – helping increase accountability for meeting no-shows. It also helps with wayfinding, showing the name of the space and any additional facilities or catering that has been ordered. No-one will be left wondering ‘am I in the right room?’ ever again.

Connected visuals

This one seems like a no-brainer but getting your tech team to have a say in your meeting room AV will help make sure things just work. Tired of reaching for dongles, installing drivers or someone stealing the HDMI adapter? Take an approach from home and choose AirPlay or Chromecast connected screens. This takes the wireless streaming tech from your living room to your meeting rooms, and you’ll be all the more productive for it – with people more likely to use screen sharing that’s easy to setup, rather than something that’s fiddly and frustrating. Welcome to your 3:30pm budget review and chill.

Symantec conference room set up ideas

Reliable routers

There’s nothing worse (or embarrassing) than having a guest that can’t connect to your WiFi. Or even worse – when your teams can’t connect! This delays the start of your meeting and starts it off on a frustrating note. After all, you can’t expect to be super productive when you can’t get online or access your servers.

Compatible surfaces

It’s important to think about how people will interact with the surfaces in your meeting rooms. Have you ever tried to use a mouse on a glass table? They work for a moment, then your cursor goes crazy! Paying careful attention to your surfaces will determine what tech can be used in your space. So, glass may be fine for interview rooms, but for spaces where staff might setup to work for the day, stick to solid, non-reflective surfaces like wood or polymer to stop the mice jitters.

Smart hub phones

Forgot to setup the conference line? Want to dial someone in last minute? Avoid putting your mobile in a bowl to get that extra speaker boost and choose a connected hub phone for your meeting rooms; these allow for impromptu conference or video calls, and avoid any distractions from personal notifications or pop-ups!

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