The days are getting shorter, the temperature's dropping and the high streets are dressed up in sparkly lights. This means one thing - Christmas is nearly here! Chances are you’ve received your Christmas party invitation, you’ve started doing some shopping and have organised a *few* team lunches or dinners.

As we move into silly season, it’s likely you’ll be spending more and more time in your office’s breakout area. So, we’ve looked at designing a great breakout space to keep those festive spirits high.

1. Communal seating

You might be working at lunch, catching up with colleagues over a bite or playing some end-of-season board games in the office. One thing is for sure - you’ll need adequate space to accommodate everyone. Communal seating is a great way to encourage interaction throughout the year, and also gives you a space to get together and celebrate.

2. Add some games

So, you’re feeling guilty and want to try and work off some of that turkey stuffing in the afternoon. What better way to get up and keep active with your colleagues than with a quick game of ping pong. Once the break is over, your ping pong table can either fold away for space saving, or double as a casual desk or lunch table.

3. Make it colourful

We know that it’s looking a bit drab and grey outside, so we need to do all we can to brighten up the office. Start with some colourful ottomans that can add a bit of flair without clashing with anything else in your office design. These provide flexible seating for team sessions, and are also easy to move around to other areas in the office.

4. Artistic cheer

There’s more to festive cheer than just tinsel and baubles. Framed artworks can be updated for the festive season with classic Christmas images or more modern artistic takes on our favourite nativity scenes. After printing these off in-house, you can then slip them out of the frame and back to their normal use come January.

5. Say cheers

There’s usually a light correlation between festive time and alcohol. Not that we’re advocating drinking in the office, but an integrated bar gives your staff a space to unwind, relax or host social activities within the office. This can help keep external catering budgets down, while affording staff more privacy if you’re looking to network and discuss anything confidential.