Watch our video mini series about how office furniture and design will influence the post-COVID office.

Giles Dooley

Head of Furniture

10th Aug 2020

5 minutes read time

Giles Dooley, our Head of Furniture is joined by industry experts Nathan Hurley from OrangeBox, Claire Williams from OCee Design and Mark Barrell from Boss Design. Together, they explore what’s next for the workplace and how furniture will influence workplace design as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In episode 4, our furniture panel focuses on the human connection that furniture evokes in the workplace. How it changes our interactions with one another and promotes collaboration and positive communication. All in all, furniture does a lot more than you might think!

In episode 3, our panel discusses the anti-micro bacterial properties of furniture and their finishes. While these are important, the psychology behind creating great spaces and the positive impact they have on people still outweighs the need to radically rethink furniture and office design in the light of the pandemic. After all, who wants to work in a clinical workplace?

In episode 2, our panel discusses the importance of getting office design perfectly fit for purpose. User-centred design has never had more relevance. If people are coming into the office, the products and spaces in it must perform exactly as expected and enable people to do the specific task they are there to do. If they don’t, that office will be dead.

In episode 1, we invite you to meet our panel. Together they explore how we can begin to re-engage with the office after months of remote working and distanced communication. How do we bring people together, and how can we get back to a new state of normality in this post-pandemic world?