We may walk all over it, but your choice of flooring can enhance your office design. Here are our top seven alternate flooring solutions.

Polished concrete

At ColArt, we created a cool urban feel for their tea room and breakout space using polished concrete, combined with funky furniture and exposed services. The space, decorated with elaborate framed artwork and a chesterfield sofa, is transformed into an edgy artists’ getaway, with the polished concrete floor creating a unique vibe for visiting artists and their creative workforce.

Branded carpet

Patterned carpet is a great way to add colour to your floor, however subtle branding can enhance your corporate brand. Sightsavers use the circular lines of their logo to bring a bright flash to the hallway whilst emphasising the soft curved lines of the walls. Carpet also helps to retain heat, keeping heating bills down for this conscientious charity.

The abnormal

A reasonable office design would have maybe one or two flooring types – but at creative agency Anomaly, they strive for the unreasonable. So, they opted for an eclectic selection of flooring that disrupts the office status-quo.

Whilst a traditional dark wood floor creates a sophisticated feel, the area is disrupted by playful hazard warning tape on the floor, before switching to concrete tiles in the collaboration zone. This office design sought to challenge the norm – and there is nothing typical about their diverse flooring choices.

Cool office flooring ideas


At Motonovo in Cardiff they’re truly patriotic to their Welsh roots, so utilising locally-sourced materials was a key focus for the office design. This Welsh slate tiled floor looks sharp and sophisticated, whilst contrasting against the wood feature wall and modern reception desk.


Wood is a versatile and beautiful finish to use in office designs, and it can be a bold choice for flooring. Manhattan Associates wanted to embrace biophilia in their design, connecting employees to the natural world, to boost their sense of wellbeing.

This choice of rustic wood flooring compliments the recycled wood-clad walls, almost creating the feeling of being outside in a cabin, instead of on the ground floor of an office park.

Manhattan Associates modern office interior design


An article on flooring wouldn’t be complete without the ever-iconic, parquet wood flooring. Originally used in the regal Palace of Versailles, the unique character of parquet flooring creates a classic and distinguished feel to any interior.

Here, in Rackspace’s British influenced office design, it is used as a nod to retro dining spaces of 1970s Britain, paired with a classical Queen Anne style dining set. This also adds a touch of class to their otherwise relaxed and casual office space.

Parquet floor ideas

Faux grass

At Lindt & Sprungli, plush green carpet is complemented with wooden flooring to give a sense of the great outdoors. This is further augmented with tree-stump stools and of course an oversized Lindt bunny in the reception, just to give that extra ‘chocolate factory’ feel. The green carpet is then used throughout the fit out to improve acoustics and define particular work zones throughout the open plan work areas.

Artificial grass in meeting room