A great workplace isn’t somewhere where people go to get a task done, but somewhere people can connect, collaborate and feel inspired.

Great workplaces put people first and ensure their staff leave feeling better and more engaged than when they arrived. They do this through engaging with staff, promoting wellbeing, and providing the technology that we now rely on in this modern world. But it’s how these are implemented together that really lets you put the focus on your people.

People are your organisation’s biggest asset, so it’s imperative that your workplace does all it can to help attract and retain your industry’s best talent. Let’s explore five stunning workplaces that each put a focus on their people in a different way.

Boosting wellbeing at The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s new London Headquarters is a celebration of their culture and commitment to sustainability and wellbeing. All cellular offices were removed in this fit out, as teams embraced a collaborative and open plan layout.

Productivity and employee wellbeing were given equal and paramount importance, so we ensured that no-one works more than seven metres from natural light.

It’s proven that biophilia boosts your mood and helps with wellbeing, so that’s why you’ll see plenty of natural finishes, recycled timber and greenery spread throughout this sustainable and wellbeing-focussed workplace.

From the moment you step inside, you're greeted by a beautifully branded living wall and recycled reception desk, which sets the mood for the rejuvenating presence throughout the rest of office. One thing's for sure - you'll never be far from nature.

Body Shop living wall in office reception
Body Shop office design for wellbeing
Body Shop biophilic office design

Creating a community at Bottomline

A breakfast bar always brings people together, so that’s why we installed a record-breaking 12-metre-long breakfast bar in Bottomline’s HQ in Theale. Situated in their communal breakout area that doubles as a town hall space, it makes the most of stunning views out over the neighbouring lake and truly is somewhere staff can come together to work, share moments and collaborate.

The rest of the workplace is equally people-centric, with plenty of engaging spaces for solo work and collaboration alike; from the stunning wood-clad alcoves, to the meeting spaces and breakout areas built around the communal staircase. The teams at Bottomline are never far from somewhere they can easily collaborate with their colleagues.

Bottomline breakfast bar in modern office design
Bottomline people-centric office space design

Celebrating collaboration with Anomaly

Choice is a big factor in how we feel and perform in our surroundings. Give someone more choice and more control over their environment and the better they will perform. That’s why creative agency Anomaly has dedicated over 70% of their central-London workplace to casual working.

That means spaces that put people first and allow colleagues to collaborate and ideas to flourish. Walking through this stunning designer space, you’re never far from somewhere you can sit down and work by yourself, or catchup with colleagues and discuss the next big thing.

From bleacher seating integrated into the main staircase, to casual couches looking over St Pauls and of course the many solo areas for when it’s time to concentrate. Anomaly’s designer office well and truly puts people first.

Anomaly collaborative office space design
Anomaly biophilic breakout area
Anomaly meeting space design with natural light

Embracing nature at Morgan Sindall Group

This 3,000 sq ft space for Morgan Sindall Group makes up for its small stature by putting a proven focus on its people. Not only does the workplace hit all the right notes with biophilia; it’s sixth floor position sees it drenched in natural light that’s reflected off the many natural wooden finishes used throughout the fit out.

The standout feature is a stylised tree, where its branches meander out from a central point to the other working areas of the office, linking everyone together beneath its canopy. This symbolises the Group’s ethos of inclusivity and ensures that everyone is on their journey together. What’s more, all of the workstations face inwards towards the trunk; a space layout that’s instilled with a sense of comradery.

Morgan Sindall biophilia office design

The king of breakout spaces; Electronic Arts

It’s only natural that an office designed for four leading videogame studios would have a strong emphasis on modern design, technology and of course, plenty of spaces to let your hair down.

That’s why when we designed the new Guildford office for Electronic Arts, Criterion, Ghost and Frostbite, we embraced their IP and ensured their workplace was as captivating as the worlds they create for their players.

We designed a collaborative town hall space with integrated media screens and bean bags, allowing for the space to easily convert from a semi-formal meeting area into a breakout space with ease. The star breakout space is inspired by a funky living room setup, complete with couches, armchairs and vibrant carpet detailing - it’s the perfect space for a quick midday de-stress.

The close proximity to meeting rooms provides colleagues with a comfortable waiting space when they aren’t busy competing over the FIFA championship. We also featured a foosball and pinball table in the mezzanine area for those wanting to compete with colleagues, but reduce their screen time.

Office breakout space with colourful furniture
EA office breakout space fit out
Electronic Arts modern meeting pods