Bold and bright for Bionic

We designed and built a Cat B office fit out for Bionic that blends youthful vibrancy, bold design elements and practical functionality to create a dynamic workspace that resonates with the energetic spirit of the expanding company.

Project partners

  • Making Moves London
"The design team has done such a great job at encapsulating what bionic is and what our colleagues are all about. The guys are in love with it."

Richard West, Managing Director, Group Sales at Bionic

Key features

  • Workplace variety
  • Branding elements
  • Games area
  • Zen room
  • Training room
  • Enhanced acoustics

Bionic approached us with a clear directive: to create a dynamic and functional workspace for their expanding call centre operations at Capability Green, Luton. Bionic required a solution that would cater to the needs of their young and energetic workforce while addressing the challenges of a bustling call centre environment. Bionic's brief emphasised the importance of encouraging collaboration, providing versatile meeting spaces and ensuring acoustic comfort amidst the busy call centre activities. Additionally, they sought a design that would reflect their brand identity and support the growth of their youthful workforce.

Youthfully Inspired

We devised a comprehensive design solution that prioritised workplace versatility, vibrancy and functionality. Soft seating areas and booths are strategically integrated to encourage collaboration and serve as convenient touchdown spaces for informal meetings. Meanwhile, formal meeting rooms on both floors are equipped with enhanced acoustics to mitigate noise disruptions, facilitating focused discussions amidst the call centre buzz.

Our design includes bold brand colours and playful neon lights to infuse the workspace with youthful energy, while a dedicated ground floor training area and zen room provided flexibility and tranquillity. The reception area, a statement piece, features the Bionic logo suspended from the ceiling with complementing LED strip lights. The inclusion of a games area complete with ping pong and pool tables provides the perfect solution for downtime away from the desks. Challenges such as acoustics in a bustling call centre environment and the need for flexible design solutions were addressed through an in-depth workplace consultancy programme where we drew upon the desires of management and staff to ensure we met the client's objectives effectively.

The result

Bionic's new vibrant and functional workspace has garnered positive reactions from staff, with a particular appreciation for the focus on brand identity. Together, we have provided an environment that facilitates increased engagement and collaboration in multiple office areas. The introduction of versatile meeting spaces and enhanced acoustics is anticipated to improve productivity within the call centre office space. Moreover, the inclusion of dedicated training facilities and relaxation areas contributes to staff development and wellbeing. Bionic's new home has placed them in a position for continued success and growth in the competitive marketplace.

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