Unleashing the Butlin's magic

The spirit of adventure and entertainment comes alive at Butlin's newly designed office space. Embracing the Butlin's brand, Morgan Lovell infused vibrant colours, playful elements and flexible design features to create a workplace that inspires collaboration, creativity, and endless possibilities.

Key features

  • Red carpet entrances
  • Flexible furnishings
  • Brand elements
  • Fun office design

Morgan Lovell's office design for Butlin's aimed to fully capture the essence of their brand. By incorporating their signature colours and utilising a red carpet, inspired by their "Home of Entertainment" theme, the space exudes playfulness.

Bold brand references

Referencing the iconic Butlin's cabins, timber elements are cleverly integrated into the design. Fun touches like a DJ Booth and ice cream freezers inject excitement into the space. The addition of company visuals adds vibrancy to the office environment.

Functional flexibility

Flexibility is exemplified by the open plan first floor office space, where the use of modular and flexible furnishings allows for a seamless transition from workplace to town hall area. The open plan layout features soft partitions, catering to different working styles and creating a mix of collaborative, private and formal spaces.

Butlin's mean business

The second floor offers a more formal and quiet working space, with a statement boardroom. The inclusion of flexible roller partitions allows for easy division of the space, adapting to the number of people present and establishing the ultimate agile work setting.

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