Bristol office space that blends culture, sustainability and functionality

C&C Group, a leading drinks manufacturer and distributor, aimed to consolidate their office space following a recent merger. The chosen site, a historic Grade 2 listed building in Bristol with an office design that makes the most of its architectural hallmarks.

"The furniture process was quite a highlight for us, particularly the showroom visits which involved quite a few of us from C&C. The Morgan Lovell team hosted this perfectly and it was a very informative day. I think this was one of my favourite days on the project!"

Craig Martin, C&C Group

Key features

  • Thoughtful integration of architectural features
  • Sustainable material choice
  • Collaborative workspace layout
  • Brand infused spaces
  • Cohesive colour and finish scheme
  • Multi-functional central bar

We worked closely with C&C Group, including delivering an in-depth workplace consultancy scheme, to ensure we designed an office that aligns with C&C's practical and cultural aspirations. We guided them through furniture options and engaged in workshops to ensure a smooth transition into their new space. The project wasn't just about changing the physical space but also about adapting to a new company culture.

Our goal was simple – create an office that reflects the unity of the company and its brand. We held regular Friday meetings as platforms for open discussion where we considered every detail, no matter how small. One notable outcome was preserving a tasting room, identified as crucial through interviews with the wider team.

Our workplace consultants provided a large educational piece to help with the change management. We encouraged C&C Group to steer away from the traditional fixed desking they were accustomed to - rows of desks with minimal social spaces. We also provided a high level of value engineering to ensure the client received best value for money.

I'll drink to that

By utilising the architectural features of the building, our design highlights its stunning beams and maximises natural light sources. Nowhere is this clearer than at the central bar, a multi-functional area that is symbolic of the C&C team's core business but also an area for team socials and collaboration. Our use of cork not only serves as a subtle nod to the C&C brand but is also woven into the fabric of the project with sustainability in mind. The result is an office that not only reflects the evolution and growth of C&C Group but also adheres to a cohesive design that integrates brand elements, sustainability and functionality.

Unified, harmonious and sustainable

To overcome the restrictions associated with the building's listed status and highlight the building's natural symmetry, our meandering use of furniture helps define the different work settings whilst maintaining an open plan feel. The use of natural finishes like timber and a natural colour palette seamlessly intertwine with the timber beams and architecture within the building.

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