Setting the tone for fashion retail

Fashion retail giant's new Whitechapel office space features subtle pastel tones that contrast with vibrant neon brand elements to create a modern, industrial hub.

Key features

  • Pastel tones
  • Neon branding
  • Touchdown spaces
  • Recycled materials

New Look's new 24,000 sq ft office stretches across two floors and embraces industrial aesthetics. Morgan Lovell have preserved the Hickman building's original elements, such as exposed ceilings and columns.

The office's layout is carefully crafted to mirror New Look's business model, with dedicated "range rooms" and "fit rooms" designed for clothing discussions and fittings. White interiors in the meeting rooms enhanced the spotlights on the garments, while the rest of the office showcases vibrant colours and lively accents associated with New Look's brand. Workstations are designed for flexibility, promoting hot desking, collaboration and productivity. The inclusion of informal meeting spaces encourages interaction and teamwork.

All about acoustics

Acoustics play a pivotal role in ensuring a productive office environment. Soft textures, biophilia, wall coverings and textured furnishings are thoughtfully incorporated to mitigate echoes and create a comfortable workspace. Bespoke feature lights hanging over meeting room tables double as acoustic solutions. Planters are strategically placed throughout the office, further enhancing acoustics and introducing a natural element to the office environment.

Sustainable commitment

Sustainability remains at the forefront, with the use of eco-friendly materials like Marmoleum and Durat reinforcing New Look's commitment to a greener future.

Collaborative delivery

The project is a testament to the successful collaboration between New Look, Morgan Lovell and the landlord, GPE. The resulting office space not only met the client's aesthetic aspirations but also ensures a functional, vibrant and sustainable work environment for the fashion-forward brand.

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