Rustic charm meets contemporary office design

Welcome to GPE Woolyard - a showcase of a stunning blend of exposed brickwork and one-of-a-kind furnishings, a combination of history and modernity.

Key features

  • Exposed brickwork
  • Unique furnishings
  • Workplace variety
  • Reception focal point

Morgan Lovell's design of GPE Woolyard embraced the challenge of preserving and reusing the existing exposed brickwork. This approach not only paid homage to the building's heritage but also breathes new life into its new surroundings. Combined with the statement furnishings, notably the repurposed old tram seats transformed into cosy benches, the reception space is now a focal point for private or collaborative work.

Seamless simplicity

All finishes and details were thoughtfully chosen to align with eco-friendly practices. The timber flooring used in meeting rooms seamlessly transitions into wall panels, creating a visually cohesive and satisfying material flow. Thoughtfully curated lighting, including tasteful coloured options in private booths, bathes the space in a gentle glow.

Modern with a touch of industry

Concealing cables and organising mechanical elements posed a unique dilemma, which the design team solved with innovative solutions. The majority of the infrastructure is cleverly hidden within the ceiling, maintaining a clean and clutter-free appearance. However, deliberate glimpses of exposed cabling pay homage to the building's industrial roots, blending functionality with a touch of raw authenticity.

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