Bespoke London co-working space, harmonising US and European design trends

Statement London co-working hub for Industrious, fusing American office aesthetics with European design trends.

Key features

  • Large meeting rooms
  • Decorative finishes
  • Light woods, light colour tones

Industrious, the American co-working company, embarked on a bespoke venture in London, appointing us to design and deliver the 22,000 sq ft Cat A fit out across two floors. The project was also overseen by landlord Kajima. The project's primary objective was to cater to the English market's unique demands, emphasising larger offices with rentable private spaces.

Our design sported a ratio of 60% rental desk space and 40% shared amenities such as breakout areas, teapoints and also large meeting suites.

International relations

To ensure we didn't step away from the Industrious brand prominent in the US, we struck a balance between a US office aesthetic and European design trends. Notably incorporating lighter woods and a palette of light colours to align with European design trends, departing from the darker woods often favoured in the US. By incorporating iconic American furniture brands like Herman Miller, Industrious maintained a consistent and high quality standard across all of its workspaces.

The attention to detail extended beyond design aesthetics to the comprehensive finishing touches. We not only covered the essential elements of the design but also encompassed decorative items such as artwork, frames, vases, plants and books.

Virtually there...

We established a consultative approach with Industrious, having regular virtual meetings and sending bi-weekly Matterport updates so the US based client team could stay updated on the project journey. The end result, a bespoke workspace that feels distinctly American yet resonates with the London market.

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