Responsibly creating a classic and sustainable London office

Drawing inspiration from Smiths' vision, we combined sustainable materials and thoughtful design elements to create an office that promotes employee wellbeing, encourages collaboration and embodies Smiths' brand identity.

Project partners

  • Gardiner & Theobald
  • tp bennett

Key features

  • Low carbon workspace
  • Responsibly sourced materials
  • Circular materials and furniture
  • Future proofed spaces
  • Social value output

Smiths Group approached us with a clear vision for their new workspace on the 10th floor of the Arbor Building in London. They envisioned a modern, welcoming and collaborative environment that would inspire creativity, innovation and interaction among their teams. The challenge lay in creating an office that not only served as a place to work but also encouraged growth, learning and meaningful relationships. It was essential that we created a space that instilled pride in their employees.

Taking direct inspiration from Smiths' clear brief, the design devised a comprehensive solution including the latest technology and thoughtful design elements. To promote employee collaboration and flexibility, Smiths' employees now have the choice of a variety of work settings tailored to their needs. The design team design embraced Smiths' culture through subtle branding elements and a sophisticated colour palette, including Smiths blue, ensuring the space resonated with their identity.

Fishing nets and clocks

We prioritised sustainability by responsibly sourcing materials and furniture, with a focus on circularity to minimise resource waste. Notably, we used carpet tiles that were once fishing nets and deconstructable glass partitions, perfect for reuse. The reception desk showcases an original clock from the 1900s, adding a premium and classic touch to the overall office ambiance. We have optimised the design to make use of as much natural light as possible. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workspace but also contributes to the wellbeing and productivity of employees.

Social value delivery

As part of our commitment to enhancing the local communities surrounding the Arbor Building, the project team volunteered at Alford House Youth Club in Kennington. This helped contribute to the total project social value generation of approximately £4.5 million.

Commitment to excellence

The transformation of Smiths Group's workspace not only meets the client's initial brief but creates a space that immediately becomes a source of pride for all stakeholders. The office design creates timeless aesthetic, representative of Smiths' desire for a space, as an extension of their brand, that reflects their commitment to excellence.

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