High end Mayfair office that wastes no space

Wood envisioned an office that not only impresses clients and stakeholders but also promotes a culture of inspiration. We designed a workspace that radiates pride and professionalism, whilst maximising space usage.

Project partners

  • Cushman & Wakefield

Key features

  • Light and airy
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Multi-use space
  • Subtle brand elements
  • High end feel

We designed and delivered the refurbishment of Wood's Mayfair office, reimagining their first floor space and putting a focus on maximising usage and flexibility. Wood wanted a space to be proud of, more specifically a space to invite clients, investors and other stakeholders, with a key project driver being Wood's ambition to build a culture of inspiration and work in an office that continues to push excellence. We've created an office that is modern, subtly promotes sophistication and impactfully exudes quality.

No stone left unturned

Making the most of the floorplate while maintaining a high level of exposure to natural light was a priority, striking a balance that emphasised both functionality and aesthetics. A key design focus for the project was including as many dual and multi-purpose zones throughout the office, allowing for maximum collaboration. The office now features sit-stand desks, private meeting rooms, touchdown collaboration zones and a teapoint. The entrance has also been repurposed into a collaborative space with branded elements, showcasing a commitment to utilising every inch efficiently.

Open and airy atmosphere

Wood's office features a variety of creative, bijou spaces that all maintain an open and airy atmosphere. Meeting rooms are glazed and partitions feature hollow shelves to ensure a visual connectivity to the rest of the office. The infusion of natural light throughout the space contributes to a modern and bright ambience. Reflecting the premium nature of the location, the timber and grey finishes exude a high end appeal. Sustainability was a key consideration, with the incorporation of materials such as cork and bespoke joinery. The use of timber further elevates the overall quality of the finishes.

We subtly integrated Wood's branding throughout to add a personalised touch, reinforcing a visual connection to the company's identity. The project successfully harmonised aesthetics, functionality and sustainability to create a bespoke and flexible executive office that aligns seamlessly with the Wood's vision.

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