Consultancy driven workplace transformation

The dynamic blend of workplace consultancy and creative design has reshaped TT Group's everyday office life. Step into a vibrant, collaborative, open plan office space with a natural colour palette.

Key features

  • Natural colour palette
  • Open plan office space
  • Social breakout areas
  • Natural light utilisation
  • Enhanced workplace flow

TT Group's new office journey began with an extensive period of workplace consultancy. Morgan Lovell engaged with the client to solve the challenges they faced in their previous space and to ensure we created an office that reflected their vision for their new London base. The key drivers included the necessity to relocate due to the demolition of their previous building, the desire to break free from a siloed layout and the need for cohesive design and workplace culture.

Cultural revolution

Our workplace consultancy phase involved in-depth interviews, surveys and analysis to unearth the pain points of the staff and identify the shortcomings of the existing office. It became evident that the previous office's cellular culture hindered collaboration and stifled creativity. Armed with these insights, our workplace team and designers set out to craft a design philosophy that would not only address these issues but also herald a cultural transformation.

The resulting design is a transformational blend of form and function. An open plan layout has replaced the siloed structure of the previous office, manufacturing a culture of collaboration and unity among employees. Strategically placed meeting rooms and collaborative zones capture the best natural light and views across the city while maintaining functionality. The reception area embodies timeless elegance, conveying fiscal responsibility without compromising warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.

Natural flow

The green feature colour and all round natural palette delivers a fresh and natural ambience and is complimented by natural timber finishes. Breakout spaces are strategically positioned to encourage collaboration and team meetings. We relocated the teapoint to reduce clutter and enhance the flow of the space.

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