Pick the right internal team

Getting the right team on board is the difference between having a project that runs super-smoothly and one that gives you sleepless nights. Choose a Project Champion (this could be you) who will co-ordinate everything internally and be the point of contact for the design team and management. It could always be an idea to choose the most organised - and calm - person in the office. You'll need someone who can keep everything on track!

You also need to involve a senior decision maker; this could always be the senior manager that's found the budget to deliver the project. You'll want someone at the top who can make decisions quickly and won't delay the project.

Choose office designers you can trust

When it comes to choosing an office designer you'll need to ensure they have:

  • Experience

    Ask about their previous work and have them give you a tour of their clients' offices. Get a list of all their previous projects, including sizes, budget and sectors.

  • Specialisms

    Office design is a specialist skill and not to be confused with other design disciplines. Be sure your designer specialises in office design and fit out. This will save you time and money down the road.

  • A good reputation

    Has your design company got a good track record? Don't be afraid to ask for customer satisfaction scores, net promoter scores and a client list. A reputable design company will be happy for you to speak to their clients and visit completed projects.

  • Accreditations

    Make sure your designer has the right accreditations. If you're going for a 'green' office, look for BREEAM, LEED or Ska accredited designers.

  • Skills

    Look for a design team that has a 3D visualizer and a CAD technician. The 3D visualizer will bring your project to life before the build. And your CAD technician will ensure the designs can be built to your exact specifications.