Let's design your office!

This is the stage of your project where you'll get to work with your designer to establish how your office interior is going to look. Minimal, glossy, classic, white, quirky, fun, serious, traditional...or something completely different? It's when you'll get the chance to reflect your brand throughout your fit out and give the office some personality.

Design the interior

  • Have a brainstorming session

    Discuss the problems you have with your existing office and come up with some creative ideas for your new one.

  • Browse library images online

    With literally thousands of photos available it's worth looking at other companies' office designs to get a feel for the style you're after.

  • Visit other sites

    Visit other offices wherever possible to get a good understanding of what works (and what doesn't). A good office design company will take you to look at their previous projects.

  • Concept drawings

    Get your designer to do some quick concept drawings to show how the office might look.

  • Mood board

    Have your office design company pull together a collection of samples so you can touch and feel the materials that will go into your new office.

  • Photo real visuals

    Get your designers to create life-like computer visuals (stills) of the important areas of your office. These will show you exactly what your new office will look like.

  • Animated 3D walkthroughs

    Have your design team create animated 3D walkthroughs. They're perfect for illustrating a journey from one part of the office to another.