When choosing a new office space, tenants have more choice than ever from simple co-working spaces and serviced offices to a full Cat B fit out. However, we have now seen a new option emerge - the Cat A+ fit out. Read on to find out more.

What is a Cat A+ fit out?

Cat A+ provides a compromise between a Cat A and Cat B fit out. A ready-to-use office setup provided by landlords, meaning the prospective tenant just needs to bring their staff, coffee beans and IT equipment.

While Cat B fit outs are heavily tailored to the tenant’s culture, brand and work style, Cat A fit outs offer a blank canvas for tenants to personalise the space, with only the basic functions and facilities for tenants. Cat A+ fit outs sit in the middle. They’re provided by the landlord and contain all the functional amenities you could need from desks, workstations, kitchens and sometimes even coffee machines. The design allows tenants to personalise the office without needing to completely furnish the space.

Who is a Cat A+ fit out for?

With co-working spaces and serviced offices becoming more widespread, the demand from tenants for Cat A+ offices that are ready to move into is rising. This is being driven by smaller companies as it is more convenient if they’re looking to avoid a long-term investment in a customised Cat B fit out.

Want to know more? We’ve made an in-depth guide on Cat A, Cat A+ and Cat B fit outs.

What makes Cat A+ a good choice for tenants?

Fewer upfront costs

Tenants can move in with minimal disruption and investment, which means spaces that used to be too expensive are now an option. This shift reduces the initial expenses and ongoing overheads, making previously unaffordable options accessible.

More flexible lease terms

As tenants will move into a space provided by the landlord, there’s no need for a ‘make good’ clause, where the tenant needs to return the space to its original Cat A condition at the end of the lease.

Enhanced occupant experience

Some landlords may go the extra mile and provide shared communal areas, offering a mix of personal and co-working areas as well as breakout spaces, creating a campus-style workplace for occupants.


Since the tenant will use the existing Cat A+ facilities, this will include the mechanical and engineering infrastructure. This allows landlords to invest in quality M&E, insulation and flooring, knowing it’ll be used long term and not changed for a Cat B fit out.

Flexible options

Cat A+ is just as flexible for landlords as it is for tenants. By offering a range of lease terms for their different spaces, landlords can target different tenants. Take a look at GPE's refurb, providing office space that is ready to go for tenants.