London’s best office views meets activity-based office design

Key features

  • Open plan office space
  • Natural light
  • Glazed meeting rooms
  • Feature pendant lighting

Global data, analytics and technology company Equifax moved to a prestigious address with rare panoramic views, convenient transport connections and all the high street amenities you’d want. The office relocation from Marylebone to 1 Angel Court at Bank, also brings the insights expert closer to its key business partners, right in the heart of the City of London. With this new address, a fresh business directive to enhance Equifax’s working environment for employees and future talent began to take shape.

Workplace evolution

Our brief encapsulated the next step in Equifax’s forward-thinking evolution as a business. At the time, back in 2018, few companies in this traditionally corporate London district had truly embraced agile working, which replaces one-to-one ratios with hot desks, touchdown zones, collaborative breakouts and quiet areas.

After 25 years in the same workspace in Marylebone, Equifax wanted an open plan layout to embrace flexible working styles with additional seats to encourage movement and interaction. At full capacity, this office can comfortably accommodate 160 employees through a combination of 90 formal workstations and 70 informal spaces. The new office also brings all employees onto one floor for the first time, creating more opportunities for group-working within the collaborative environment.

Maximising space and views

We used the floorplate’s unusual donut shape - a ring wrapped around a core of central services - to its full potential. The aim of the layout is to encourage active working behaviours for 100 employees while making the most of the 8,700 sq ft floorplate. Employees migrate 360 degrees around the core to find a setting which suits the task at hand, and from each new aspect, enjoy a different viewpoint through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The view from this office is definitely its defining feature. Not only do the sweeping views of London’s landmarks give an immediate ‘wow’ factor, the changing sky in different weather and seasons adds drama and interest. For a multinational company with offices around the globe, this is key. It means visiting employees and international clients feel a sense of place and purpose from the moment they arrive. This, coupled with subtle Equifax branding, gives the workplace a unique outlook within the wider organisational identity and culture.

Office zones

Openness is an important design feature of Equifax’s new workplace. This celebrates the views and minimises obstructions within direct eyeline, but it also communicates an ethos of transparency and encourages buzz in the office. We used several design tactics to differentiate working areas so that the space doesn’t feel uniform or too exposed, which may become confusing when combined with the circular floorplate shape. You don’t want to get lost or dizzy going around and around!

Feature pendants in the lighting design, alongside furniture with interesting curves and lines, plants, different flooring types and high-performing acoustics go a long way in designating various zones. These are essentially indicators of the space and its usage, showing where employees can be noisy, quiet or both.

Space utilisation and light

Equifax’s boardroom is a great example of maintaining sightlines without compromising confidentiality. This state-of-the-art meeting space has a custom curved glass wall with an impressive privacy film which blocks outsiders from viewing what’s displayed on the screen during presentations. You can still see who is in the room and the views beyond, but none of the information being shared around the table.

Another reason we went this route, instead of using manifestation which is more commonplace, is that this room is built against the external glazing. All other meeting rooms and office services - like printing, recycling and tea points - are placed at the central core. We consider this to be an economical design, perfect for smaller offices less than 10,000 sq ft where maintaining natural light is important. Waste not, want not.

Benefits for all

Enviable location, unique footprint and timeless, agile office design: our 2018 project for Equifax is one of those workplaces that has it all. The benefits of closer working relationships in the heart of London, an inspiring environment for employees and a culture that meets the flexible working needs of employees. We’re super proud of this space, especially as its timelessness continues to help Equifax thrive today.

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