Older buildings weren't designed with today's technology in mind. Thinking about the suitability of your shortlisted spaces for your IT needs can save time and money later.

  • Power

    Is the power supply sufficient to power your data centre and IT equipment? A good office design and fit out company can help you to work out how much power you'll need and carry out a load check to identify if your new space will meet your requirements.

  • Location of exchange

    How close or far away you are from the internet exchange can impact your internet speed. Have your IT department investigate to avoid an ongoing problem later.

  • Data centre

    Will you be locating a data centre in the space? Have you considered the extra requirements needed, for example; air conditioning, security and power? Think about the size of the space you'll need for a comms room, and if there's a good place to locate it.

  • Cabling

    Does the space have raised flooring? Without it laying relevant cables can be a problem. Are there enough electricity points to service desks, copiers and equipment.