At this stage, there are several things that an office design and fit out company can do to help you identify the office space that will most suit your company's needs:

  • Workplace appraisal

    This will help you to identify how much space you need and how it should work for your business.

  • Space plans for short listed buildings

    Otherwise known as a 'test fit' this will give you peace of mind that the space will actually work for your business.

  • Indicative fit out cost

    So you can begin to form an accurate fit out budget. Knowing how much it will cost to fit out a space can be a negotiation point for your lease.

  • Concept drawings and 3D visualisations

    So you can get a feel of how the space will really look.

  • Surveys

    There are a number of surveys an office design and fit out company can help you with so you know exactly what you're getting into with your new space. These include mechanical and electrical, environmental, asbestos and contamination surveys.

Finding an office tip: Choosing the right office design and fit out partner

When selecting a design and fit out company, make a list of everything that your contractor will provide as part of their service, and those things that it won't. Comparing companies on this basis will determine true value for money.