Many aspects of your move can be negotiated to save you money now and later. Knowing who to negotiate with and when is key to reducing those costs.

  • Rent free periods

    Your solicitor should be able to help you negotiate rent free periods. The general rule is the longer the lease (without an option to break), the longer the rent free period will be.

  • Service charges

    As with rent free periods, a service charge holiday can be negotiated between the tenant and landlord.

    Consider negotiating a fixed service charge before committing to the new space; you don't want to be stuck paying for the landlord's renovations!

  • Dilapidation costs

    Your landlord will require you to return your space back to its original condition when you move out, so locking the cost of this in when taking out the lease can save you money later.

  • Lease terms; length and breaks

    The terms, length and possible breaks of your lease can all be negotiated through your agent and solicitor before signing on the dotted line. Your solicitor should be able to tell you what is normal and what can be negotiated.