Your guide to keep your staff safe and healthy as you gradually open up your office space again after the COVID-19 pandemic.

As lockdown relaxes beyond the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, radical changes are essential to keep your staff safe as they return to work. Health and wellbeing is going to be of the utmost importance.

This post-COVID workplace checklist is designed to ensure you consider every aspect of your work environment when your people return to the office.

To safely allow your people to return to their office, we recommend four focus areas for your protocol:

  1. Assessing your workplace for COVID-19 risks
  2. Communicating your plan with your staff and guests
  3. Implementing your new guidelines and social distancing policy
  4. Reviewing the effectiveness of your implementation.

If you need any extra help, just reach out to our team of workplace consultants, who are ready to support you in achieving the best possible outcome in this unprecedented time. We have decades of experience leading businesses through pivotal periods of change.

Beyond the wellbeing of your teams, there are extra benefits to your business

    • Strengthening your company culture
    • Increasing staff morale and wellbeing after this pandemic
    • Develop a culture of openness and inclusivity
    • Boosting staff retention and performance