We all aspire to a return to “normal” and scientists suggest that the current restrictions and the procedures you set now will not need to be a permanent change.

However, whilst it represents our current reality, the rules you establish and implement must be revisited regularly to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

Every day, your people and your leadership teams will learn from time spent back in their workspace. It is imperative that these learnings are embedded to ensure your foundations are current and inclusive.


  • Constantly review your back to work plan

Gather staff opinion via Back-to-the-Office Change Champions:

  • Survey to gauge staff feelings

  • Observation studies to see how capacity is fulfilled

Measure the success:

  • How well you mitigated the spread of COVID-19

  • The impact on your culture

  • Staff wellbeing statistics

  • Staff health records

  • Client perception of how your business coped

  • Productivity figures

  • Recruitment and retention figures