Everything you need to know about an office relocation; from the first stages of the project to the day of the office move.

Managing an office relocation

About 12 months before you're planning to move, you should decide who's going to be involved, and start to outline your key requirements. Select a team and assign clear roles and responsibilities.

  • Who has what it takes to manage the move?

    • Senior enough to make decisions
    • Experienced at multi-tasking
    • Good motivator
    • Knows your business inside-out
    • Great communicator
    • Highly organised
    • Good at sticking to a budget

Defining roles and responsibilities

Involving others and keeping people in the loop will prevent surprises and delays further down the line. They probably know more about what's going on in your organisation than anyone else.

  • Who will be involved?

    • Managing Director
    • Finance Director
    • Facilities Director
    • Office Manager
    • IT Director
    • Operations Director
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • PAs

Don't forget your admin staff. They probably know more about what's going on than anyone else.

Relocation tip

Engaging your stakeholders

In some instances, involving your staff is the law. The Information & Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004 state that any changes directly affecting staff should be discussed with them. Unions should also be engaged as soon as possible.

  • Have you consulted with...

    • Unions?
    • Regulators?
    • Parent company?
    • Board members?
    • Department heads?
    • Staff?

Defining location priorities

You could find what you consider to be the perfect office, but if the location isn't right, then it just won't work for your company. Consider the following criteria when selecting locations for your new base:

    • Good public transportation links
    • Easy for clients to visit
    • Easy for you to visit clients
    • Realistic commute for existing employees
    • Local amenities (shops, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.)
    • Good access to major roadways
    • Excellent access to major airports
    • Access to a 'talent pool' of potential employees
    • Parking