Client communication

Make sure all your clients and suppliers know where and when you are moving.

  • Update your email signature

  • Send out an email to regular visitors or suppliers

  • Update to your company website

  • Remember to update company stationery, forms and brochure

Work on site

  • Ensure environmental compliance

  • Recycle any plasterboard, carpet and other materials being stripped out

  • Separate waste

    • So as little waste as possible goes to landfill
  • Follow the proper procedures to dispose of hazardous materials

  • Look into making your fit out carbon neutral

    • You can now offset any carbon emissions from the work on your site. Talk to your design and fit out contractor about the options
  • Run weekly meetings, on site

  • Keep track of progress, with your project manager

  • Make sure there is a sign-off procedure for any changes

  • Take photos of the work at every stage, and make notes of any defects

By law, you are required to keep a record of any waste that leaves the site. You are also responsible if one of your contractors doesn't dispose of waste properly (like dumping paint down the sewer drain). So make sure your contractor has excellent environmental credentials.

Relocation tip

Planning the move

  • Talk to your IT specialists about the transition

    • They may need time for testing
  • Put someone in charge of managing the packing and de-clutter process

  • Make arrangements with your removals company

    • Have them around to do a walk-through of both spaces before the day, making sure they know what extra equipment they need and they can resolve any obstacles ahead of time.
  • Check your new office is fully secure, for when things start arriving

  • Arrange all the crates and labels for packing up

  • Coordinate any holidays, making sure all the key people are available

  • Make sure all your staff know what's happening

    • When to clear their desks, what to tell clients, when to move, etc.
  • Send out an internal newsletter with key dates for the staff

  • Arrange to have someone on-hand on the day, to help deal with snags or last-minute problems

  • Put proper security in place

    • At the old site, and at the new site (things could go missing amongst all the confusion)

De-clutter and getting rid of old equipment

There's no point paying to move anything you're not going to need.

  • Get rid of any unnecessary clutter

  • Clear out old files

  • Scan documents you don't need in hard copy

  • Dispose of any information securely

    • Shredding, etc.
  • Donate any unwanted furniture, computers, appliances, etc., to charity

  • Have plenty of extra bins and recycling points set up

    • It makes it easier for staff to clear out as well as encouraging recycling
  • Arrange for the removal of all rubbish

De-snagging and new office preparation

  • Look for snags

    • Schedule a thorough walkthrough with your contractor
  • Clean-up on site

  • Final handover

  • Arrange supermarket delivery to the new office - tea, coffee, champagne?

Celebrating success

  • Arrange a move-in party for staff and/or clients

  • Take that long deserved holiday