The neighbourhood

  • Are any competitors based nearby?

  • Are any potential partners based nearby?

  • Are the other tenants good quality companies?

  • Are there any off-putting noises, smells or other issues?

  • Are there issues with the local area?

  • Is there somewhere to buy a sandwich?

Legal and financial

  • Lease terms

    • Are there any unusual clauses?
  • Landlord incentives

    • Are they offering any additional perks?
  • Have you negotiated a rent-free period?

  • Have you looked into future levels for service charges?

Business rates

Make sure you don't overpay on your rates. Information is available from the Valuation Office Agency website

  • Get professional advice

  • Arrange for an audit rating

  • Look into local authority appeals

  • Talk to your new neighbours

  • Check empty / vacant rates

Ask your future landlord if there are any major upgrades planned to the building. This is important, as you may have to pay for them in your future service charges!

Relocation tip


  • Make sure you have all the insurances in place before the work commences

Sign the lease

  • Once all the terms are agreed to your satisfaction, sign on the dotted line