Office design and fit out companies

For more information, see our checklist 'Choosing the right office design and fit out partner'.

The bulk of your costs will fall into the fit out and design category of your relocation. It makes sense to engage with a good office design / fit out consultancy at the early stages so you can plan ahead.

If you haven't selected your space, your office design consultancy can help you by calculating the amount of space you need - including all services and storage. Make sure you don't leave anything out, because if you end up with too little space, you'll have to move too soon. Too much space and you're throwing money away, every month.

If you've found your space, your office design / fit out partner can really help by surveying your new building, coming up with cost estimates and helping you visualise your new space. That way, you'll avoid any surprises later on.

Make sure you hire a design / fit out company that offers a complete 'turnkey' solution. It will save you time, money, and the hassle of having to manage multiple parties.

Check if they offer the following as part of their service:

  • Project management of your whole project, via one point of contact

  • Calculation of your space needs

  • Surveying of your new building

  • Full cost estimates

  • Space planning

  • Interior design

  • Fit out and construction

  • Furniture selection and procurement

  • Furniture selection and procurement

  • Mechanical & electrical design and installation

  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation

  • Plumbing

  • Planning permission

    • Will they arrange it for you?
  • Disabilities Discrimination Act

    • Do they have enough knowledge so your new office will comply?
  • Health, safety and wellbeing

  • IT cabling, moving and installation

  • Telephone systems

    • Do they have experience in putting in phone systems? Will they arrange (and guarantee a connection in time) with the phone company?
  • Move management

    • Crates, packing and moving, plus furniture assembly
  • Do they work to a fixed budget?

  • Will they guarantee on-time completion?

  • Are they financially stable?

    • Could they absorb the cost of your build?

Many small office design and build firms will fund the project with your deposit. Check the total project cost as a % of their annual turnover. If it's too high, your move could be at serious financial risk.

Relocation tip
  • Do they have the backing of a parent company?

  • Do they have the purchasing power or partnerships to negotiate special deals?

  • Have they managed relocations before (and for whom)?

  • Can they help you define your requirements and put together your brief

    • Through workplace appraisals, surveys, etc.
  • Do they have their own health and safety experts?

  • Are they environmentally conscious?

  • Can they design and build a sustainable office for you?

  • Do they have proper insurance in place?

  • Are they willing to provide quality references?

  • Will they arrange for you to visit other offices they've done?

  • Does their team inspire your confidence and trust?

  • Do they offer good value for money?

Feasibility studies

A thorough feasibility study could save you thousands. Not only will it help you to determine how much space you need and how to accommodate your people, it will also help you plan for future growth (avoiding the need for an unplanned costly expansion or move).

A good office design consultancy should do this for you.

  • Take a new look at how your teams work together

    You might need to rearrange which department goes next to which

  • Work out growth rates for each department and plan for changes in your space plan

  • How many people / workstations will you need to accommodate?

  • What sorts of spaces (kitchen, executive offices, comms room, etc.) would you like?

  • How much space do you think you'll need (in square feet)?

  • What's your timeline?

  • Calculate current size, capacity and usage needs for:

    • Reception areas
    • Meeting rooms
    • Executive offices
    • Presentation suites
    • Kitchen / tea points
    • Comms room
    • Break out spaces
    • Toilets
    • Showers
    • Copy areas
    • Mail room
    • Recycling points
    • Other (i.e. trading floor, library)