Furniture plays a huge role in activity based working. So it’s important you give staff spaces that help them work flexibly.

  • Good desks and chairs

    Make sure the desks and chairs are robust as they will be well used.

  • Collaborative furniture

    Think about the type of soft seating needed for these spaces that will encourage people to sit down and work together. Meeting tables with an integrated screen are great when small groups need to collaborate but don’t want the formality of a large meeting room.

  • Soft seating that creates privacy

    Think about different solutions such as high backed sofas that create a private meeting space without the need for a separate room

  • Flexible furniture

    Think about movable furniture that meets different needs such as small meetings, phone calls or casual conversations.

  • Furniture with integrated power

    As people will be wandering around with laptops, provide plenty of sockets so they can power up.

  • Tables to spread out papers

    Often overlooked, but very popular with staff.