What will it cost

It’s important to set a realistic budget and remember you have to spend to save. Get quotes for everything, and then draw up your budget. Remember to include:

  • Workplace strategy (interviews, change management, vision)

    Without an experienced workplace consultant it’s likely the project won’t turn out how you want it to. Budget for a workplace strategy consultant so that you get the whole project planned, agreed and signed off.

  • Utilisation study

    Completing a utilisation study is essential to understanding how you use your spaces in detail. This should be included in the budget.

  • Staff surveys

    A survey of what your employees think about their workplace and wellbeing will also give you an understanding of how you can make them happier and as a result more productive.

  • Design costs

    If you are taking desks away from staff, you’ll need to provide a great design to compensate. You’ll need an experienced designer to bring your ideas to life and help you get the most out of your space.

  • Delivery / implementation

    Activity Based Working often means physical changes to your workplace, so you’ll need fit out specialists on board who can project manage the design and construction. See Morgan Lovell’s Office Refurbishment Checklist for how to manage a fit out or refurbishment project.

Use ‘design and build’ as a method for office interior transformation. Your project will complete 40% faster and 15% cheaper.

  • Occupancy costs

    Changes in the use of your offices could mean changes in your occupancy costs, especially energy bills and maintenance costs. In particular, air-conditioning costs will likely change with increased utilisation of different spaces.

  • IT investment

    You may have to upgrade certain IT systems to enable activity based working, like external network access, cloud computing and telephony.

  • Furniture

    Activity Based Working requires quality furniture so that staff will want to use the spaces you create. Along with the purchase, delivery and installation of new furniture, budget for the removal of any old furniture. (Some charities and companies will take it off your hands for free.)

  • HR costs (if relocation)

    If your move to Activity Based Working is alongside a relocation project you need to consider compensation costs for your employees. This could be related to a longer commute and increased travel prices as a result. Elsewhere we’re talking about less commuting.