Activity Based Working requires different working practices. And this means your staff will need some guidance. So policies and guidelines should be reviewed to accommodate your new way of working.

  • HR policies

    Outline your HR policies from the beginning. Look at where employees are based now, where they will be based, and look at your expense policies too. So on day one there is no confusion for your employees.

  • Homeworking policy

    With Activity Based Working it needs to be clear what the rules are surrounding homeworking, otherwise employees may feel uncomfortable when they work from home for fear they’re not adhering to some unwritten rule.

  • IT policies / protocols

    In order for Activity Based Working to succeed, access rights in and out of the office need to be established straight away so that your systems are always convenient and easy to use. Simple guidelines for ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) are also important to eliminate confusion.

  • Office etiquette

    To avoid a backlash of angry employees, map out some simple etiquette guidelines. Some topics to consider: eating at desks, assigned vs. free desks, clean desk guidelines, noise guidelines, no camping (at a particular desk) and wayfinding (who sits where, location of facilities.

  • Management by results

    Managing by results may seem like a given but do your staff know? Make it clear that work is not based on hours in the office but based on performance. So make sure this is clearly understood.

  • Critical meetings

    How often do you sit in a meeting and think do I really need to be here? Tell your employees to only book meetings if it’s really necessary. You will find meeting rooms will instantly become available and staff will get what they need simply by asking the relevant people.

  • Disability requirements

    Consider what the disability requirements are for people in your organisation such as equipment, furniture, access etc.

  • Working hours

    Whether employees are expected to be in the office during certain hours on certain days or can be completely flexible with their time, make sure it’s clearly understood.