Before you embark on the journey to change your workplace, you should go through a process of discovery. This will make sure you have the data to back up your design, inform your brief and build your business case for activity based working.

  • Collect the data

    • How does your business currently work?
    • Does the office set up support the business?
    • How is the workspace being used?
    • Which spaces in the office are under or over utilised?
    • Are the sales teams always out and their desks gathering dust?
    • Do you have different types of workers?
    • Are some of your employees mobile working already?
    • Break it down by department to see whether implementing Activity Based Working requires some minor adjustments or a cultural change.
  • Clarify your organisation goals

    • Does your organisation want to break down silos and improve communication and collaboration?
    • Is innovation on top of the list of priorities?

    Clarify your company goals and get them down on paper for everyone to agree.

  • Commission a utilisation study

    • How is the space being used?
    • Which areas are more popular than others?
    • What areas are underused?

    Undertake a utilisation study and collect the hard data. You may be surprised how much your desks and meeting space are really being used.

66% of all workspaces are unoccupied during working hours.

  • Undertake stakeholder interviews

    This will help you understand, from a philosophical, tactical and design point of view, how the space could be used. Interview the main board and department heads to get everyone’s views clarified.

  • Run staff surveys

    Typical office surveys ask employees what they like and don’t like. We recommend you ask your staff what types of spaces help them do their jobs, and which ones hold them back. This data will give you the evidence you need for your design brief and will ensure your designer creates the right types of spaces for staff. We call it evidence based design.

  • Do a culture audit

    • Is your culture more innovative than your work environment?
    • Do you want to change culture?
    • Do you want your workspace to become a catalyst for culture change?
  • IT audit

    • Do you have enabling technology?
    • Is it facilitating the work your business does or is it hindering your employees?
    • Would your current technology allow you to be flexible and efficient?