Implementing Activity Based Working relies on great IT. Assess whether your existing IT and telephony systems will effectively facilitate flexible and efficient working, or whether it’s time to upgrade them.

  • Wifi connectivity

    Connectivity is the key with activity based working, so reliable Wifi coverage in your workspace should be excellent.

  • Laptops and tablets

    Laptops and tablets are essential for Activity Based Working and they have the added benefit of using less energy than desktop computers.

  • Everything in the cloud

    Make sure all your information and files are available to whoever needs them, wherever they need them.

  • Remote access

    Activity Based Working also includes home and remote working. In order to do these employees will need remote access to the system.

  • Video conferencing capabilities

    This doesn’t always mean you have to have state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms. A camera built in to a laptop can enable your staff to speak to a client via online services such as Skype, saving them valuable travel time.

  • Telephony

    With Activity Based Working comes the need to review telephony provisions. Consider whether you want rolling phones where people can log in to them or whether you’re ready to make the move towards a mobile phone only company.

  • Follow me printing

    Some organisations run systems where you can swipe a card at any printer and print your work. The benefits are that users can print anywhere, as well as reducing erroneous print jobs.

According to Gartner, an average enterprise spends between 1% and 3% of its revenue on print costs.

Heating and ventilation needs

The heating and ventilation considerations should be the same as any fit out. See our Office Refurbishment Checklist. But if you’re moving to Activity Based Working there are a few specific areas you need to think about.

  • Hot and cold zones

    Changing to Activity Based Working means giving employees a choice as to where they work. So it’s worth creating hot and cold zones in the workspace to suit different team members.

  • Good lighting

    Remember this is your opportunity to create a place where people want to work. Lighting is very important in the office setting, so make sure you create a well-lit environment or your hard work might go to waste. Install a lighting control system that allows zoning, presence / absence detection and daylight linking.

  • Heating and ventilation loads

    You should be increasing utilisation in different areas with a move to Activity Based Working so take a moment to consider whether the load on your HVAC systems could cause problems in the near future.

  • Sustainability

    Look into how improving your lighting and HVAC systems can contribute to an environmental rating such as BREEAM®. Compliance with the latest CIDB Regulations can also contribute to attaining a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.