• Flexibility

    With activity based working, your staff get to choose where they work and when they work. Which means they have a better work / life balance and are more productive as a result.

  • Empowerment

    Employees feel empowered when they’re able to take charge of their work and make decisions about where and when they work. 59% of organisations see picking your own office hours as the key benefit to Activity Based Working (powwownow.co.uk).

  • Trust

    Offering employees Activity Based Working gives them a greater sense of ownership and builds a relationship of trust in the organisation. Employees who are more valued are much more likely to engage with their work and the people around them, and stay loyal to the company too.

  • Reduced commuting time

    In the UK, approximately 10 million people commute to offices and spend an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes each day travelling to and from work. Reducing your employees’ commute gives staff more time to think, create and produce.

  • Improved performance

    Employees who are able to choose the space that best suits the project at hand are more likely to complete it quicker.

  • Wellbeing and health

    As business writer Nilofer Merchant said: sitting is the new smoking. People spend 9.3 hours per day sitting, more than the 7.7 hours they spend sleeping. Their sedentary lifestyles lead to a 10 per cent increase in the risk of breast and colon cancer, 6 per cent increase in the risk of heart disease, and 7 per cent increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes. An activity based workplace is designed to encourage movement, health and wellbeing.