There are certain people in the company who need to be involved in the decision making process. Make sure you know who you need to talk to when decisions need to be made.

  • Managing director / President / CEO

    Your MD has the ultimate say-so over the approval of designs and costs. But whilst you need to ensure you get approval on the major decisions, your MD doesn’t need to be informed about every little detail.

  • Financial director

    As the person who sets the budget, your financial director should be involved from the start.

  • IT director

    Successful Activity Based Working is reliant on IT, so you’ll need to have your IT director on side. They’ll be able to help identify what needs upgrading, replacing or keeping, and where to source the latest technology.

  • Human resources

    The aim of your HR department is to ensure the wellbeing of everybody affected by the move to activity based working, as well as leading any changes in policies.

  • Property teams

    You’ll need your property team to assess buildings and manage any capital projects resulting from the change.

  • Executive board

    It’s important your board understand and buys in to the changes that are going to occur in your organisation.

  • Office manager

    The office manager hears the gripes and grumbles of staff on a day-to-day basis. They’ll have valuable input as to where changes need to be made.

  • Operations director

    Your operations director is going to want reassurance that business won’t be disrupted during any works. Keep them in the loop so any issues can be managed before they impact your business.

  • Marketing

    It’s the job of your marketing department to ensure your company projects the right image, and they’ll no doubt have input into how branding can be incorporated into the new workplace.

  • PAs

    The PAs and administration staff probably know more about what’s going on in your business than anybody else. Don’t leave this valuable resource untapped.

  • Unions

    Often it’s a legal requirement to include a union representative on any big organisational change.