"We have 30 offices in the world and this one is the best."

Maneesh Subherwal, MD, ThoughtWorks UK

This spectacular project for IT consultancy ThoughtWorks won the 2015 Mixology Award for 'Small/Medium Commercial Interiors Project of the Year'. Take a look at the video to find out why.

Technology innovation consultancy ThoughtWorks prides itself on its ambitious missions and disruptive thinking, so it stands to reason that its new 6,945 sq ft London office space reflected this.

We worked with ThoughtWorks to design and create an inviting, agile and multifunctional space which accommodates the rolling nature of the staff as teams are rotated on a project-by-project basis.

“The idea was to create an inviting space which supports the way in which the company needs to work,” says designer Michelle Carr.

The bold and bright back-of-house space features lots of alternative work settings, focused spaces and quiet rooms. Standing-height tables enable healthy working practice and there are closed, two- and three-person meeting rooms with coloured windows and a central hub area which doubles as a seminar space. The games room with pingpong and table football lets staff enjoy the cool and relaxed side of the company.

There’s also a dedicated art wall with a variety of modern prints, as well as space for Thoughtworks people to create their own works of art, should the spirit move them. “I love the idea you can just get up and start writing on the walls,” says one employee, “everything has a purpose and it’s a fun and exciting space”.

A lot of people are excited about a new start. In the lunch café you really get a sense of people coming together collectively, sharing and getting to know each other.

Maneesh Subherwal, MD UK